Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One Sheet Wonder Wednesday

So I love, LOVE One Sheet Wonders.  They encourage me to cut up all that beautiful patterned paper I've been hoarding.  Now you might have heard of #loveitchopit, which I think it just brilliant, but my problem is that left to my own devices, all my cards would have the same exact layout and #loveitchopit would make it too easy for me to keep using that same layout over and over again.  The brilliance of One Sheet Wonders is that once you cut your paper up into all the little pieces, it really encourages you to try different layouts.

Now I've been dreaming of posting One Sheet Wonders on Wednesdays for months but haven't actually done it.  New Year, New Resolution.  I'll start small, aim for one Wednesday a month, doesn't mean that some months I won't post more often than that, but baby steps here.

For this week's One Sheet Wonder, I cased this.  If you search One Sheet Wonder, you'll find so many templates and examples.  I do find that if I don't like the paper used in the examples, I have a hard time seeing past it to the great layouts being used.  As a result, I decided to make two versions.  I love black and white paper but that's not everyone's cup of tea, so I turned the paper over and used the purple on the reverse side as well.  Same layout, just different patterned paper.

Now when I was cutting up my paper, I quickly realized I cut the paper incorrectly... but no big deal.  Who was going to know?!? I almost always start by casing the cards exactly and then by the third card, I usually decide to change the layouts.  You do you.  Copy them exactly or change them a lot, sometimes just having all the pieces cut up on your table inspires you to use them.

Happy Creating, Happy Crafting.

Card 1 - So Glad We Are Friends

Card 2 - Incredibly Proud Of You

Card 3 - Hope Your Day Is As Amazing As You

Card 4 - So Many Of My Smiles Begin With You

Card 5 - Wishing You An Amazing Birthday

Card 6 - So Happy To Have You In My Life

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  1. Awesome, Venessa! I have always been intrigued with one sheet wonder. You have inspired me to try my hand at it!